EXO Dance to the Beat of “Ko Ko Bop” in New Music Video

Posted on July 25 2017

EXO Dance to the Beat of “Ko Ko Bop” in New Music Video


EXO’s back! On July 18, EXO unveiled two new music videos for “Ko Ko Bop”, the lead single of their fourth full-length album “The War”. In the video, EXO go on a summer vacation together and throw down some powerful dance moves, without member Lay, who did not join EXO for this comeback due to conflicts with his own schedule.

In the music video for “Ko Ko Bop”, EXO hang out and bond over all sorts of fun stuff around their car and when they head downtown, surrounded by cool palm trees. EXO also shine light on their intense new choreography, presenting their latest moves on the road at night. The Korean version of EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” music video achieved more than 10 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

EXO’s new single “Ko Ko Bop” is a dance track that’s just right for the summer season, blending in elements from reggae and trap with lots of bass. EXO’s new album “The War” features nine tracks: “The Eve”, lead single “Ko Ko Bop”, “What U Do?”, “Forever”, “Diamond”, “Touch It”, “Chill”, “Walk on Memories”, and “Going Crazy”.

EXO’s previous comeback was with “For Life”, from their special winter album sharing the same name. In the video, EXO follow their lover in a way that’s like a circle, giving her a bracelet the moment they finally reunite with her. Later on, she searches for EXO and gives them a similar-looking bracelet, completing a cycle that looks like it’s for life.

Watch EXO’s new music videos for “Ko Ko Bop” now:

Korean version

Chinese version

Check out the “Ko Ko Bop” teasers for each of EXO’s nine members, too:









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