EXID Shake the Place Up in New “DDD” Music Video

Posted on November 12 2017

EXID Shake the Place Up in New “DDD” Music Video


EXID are back! On November 7, EXID unveiled their new music video for “DDD”, the lead single of their fourth mini album “Full Moon”. “DDD”, short for “Deol Deol Deol”, represents the sound of shaking in Korean. EXID achieved more than 2.9 million views in less than 24 hours with their latest music video.

The music video for “DDD” opens up with EXID dancing and shaking to the beat, presenting their groovy new choreography in a haze of red. EXID take turns telling their lover to stop shaking and just come out with the truth. EXID later on get together to laugh and playfully shake each other.

EXID’s new single “DDD” is packed with an intense yet catchy beat, that blends in bass and synths. EXID’s fourth mini album “Full Moon” includes six new songs: lead single “DDD”, “Too Good to Me”, Solji’s solo “In a Dream”, Jeonghwa’s solo “Alice (Feat. Pinkmoon)”, LE and Hani’s duet “Weeknd”, and Hyelin’s solo “Rainy Day”.

EXID’s previous comeback happened last April with their third mini album “Eclipse”, lead single “Night Rather Than Day”. In the video, EXID look like they’re down and bored when they’re on the train and when they’re at home during the day. After night arrives, EXID perk up and get excited, dancing under the warm glow of the street lights.

Watch EXID’s new music video for “DDD” now:

Listen to the songs on EXID’s new album “Full Moon”:

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