EXID Prefer Hanging Out at “Night Rather Than Day” in Comeback Music Video

Posted on April 14 2017

EXID Prefer Hanging Out at “Night Rather Than Day” in Comeback Music Video

EXID - Night Rather Than Day

EXID are back! On April 10, EXID unveiled their latest music video for “Night Rather Than Day”, the lead single of their third mini album “Eclipse”. EXID are making this comeback as a four-member group, after the girl group’s leader, Solji, went on hiatus to take care of her health. In the video, EXID compare what their love life is like during the day to what it’s like at night.

The music video for “Night Rather Than Day” features EXID not looking very happy, inside a train carriage that seems to be moving but is not going anywhere, a sign of what they feel during the day. When they get home, EXID find that it’s the same thing. EXID light up when nighttime comes, as they dance happily and energetically on the brightly-lit streets. EXID achieved over one million YouTube views in less than 24 hours.

The song “Night Rather Than Day” is an R&B and jazz song with a retro and soulful feel, where EXID sing about how they like going out with their lover when it’s dark out, way more than they like spending time together when the Sun’s up. EXID’s new album “Eclipse” includes six new songs: “Boy”, lead single “Night Rather Than Day” and its instrumental, “How Why”, Hani’s solo “Milk”, and LE’s solo “Velvet”.

EXID’s previous comeback was in June 2016, when the girl group released their first ever full-length album “Street”. The music video of the album’s title track, “L.I.E”, featured EXID play as the staff of a hotel where a mannequin couple have decided to check in for the night.

Watch EXID’s new music video for “Night Rather Than Day” now:

Check out the songs on EXID’s new mini album, “Eclipse”, too:

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