CNBLUE Wonder What’s Going On “Between Us” in New Music Video

Posted on March 25 2017

CNBLUE Wonder What’s Going On “Between Us” in New Music Video


CNBLUE are back! On March 20, CNBLUE finally revealed their new music video for “Between Us”, the lead single of their seventh Korean mini album “7°CN”. In the video,  CNBLUE sing about those times and things that get really confusing just before a couple decide to officially be in a relationship together.

In the music video for “Between Us”, CNBLUE have set up their instruments in the middle of the road at night, and soon start singing passionately as they wonder what all the feelings mean. As the scene changes from colored to black-and-white and back again, each of the CNBLUE band members bring out the flip phones and later on, call from inside a phone booth, like they really want to talk to the other person right now.

CNBLUE’s new song, “Between Us”, is a cool pop rock song from the FNC boy band that’s fun and catchy to listen to. CNBLUE’s latest mini album, “7℃N”, features six new songs: title track “Between Us”, “It’s You”, “Calling You”, “When I Was Young”, “Manito”, and “Royal Rumble”.

CNBLUE made their last comeback last April with “You’re So Fine”, a song that was specially written for the spring season, The track is the lead single of the boy band’s sixth mini album “Blueming”. In the “You’re So Fine” music video, CNBLUE’s four members become rivals as they vie to win the affections of a girl who visits the place where they’re performing live.

Check out CNBLUE’s music video for “Between Us” now:

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