BTS Tell the World They’re Done with “Fake Love” in New Music Video

Posted on 23 May 2018


BTS are back! On May 18, BTS unveiled their new music video for “Fake Love”, the lead single of their third album “Love Yourself: Tear”. In the video, BTS dance off their exhaustion from constantly wondering if their special someone’s love for them is real or just fake. BTS set a new record this time around, with more than 41 million views from their “Fake Love” music video on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Fake Love” opens up with the curtains closing in on BTS, who start linking their latest dance moves to each other in front of a work of art. Things collapse and the place falls apart around BTS, who don’t get shaken at all as they think about what their lover is really feeling. BTS bring their choreography to a pause for a few moments to look around at what’s going on, before ending their performance on a high note.

BTS’ new single “Fake Love” mixes catchy beats from the trap and rock genres, with a smooth guitar and the group’s impactful vocals. BTS’ third album “Love Yourself: Tear” features 11 new songs: “Intro: Singularity”, lead single “Fake Love”, “The Truth Untold (Feat. Steve Aoki)”, “134340”, “Paradise”, “Love Maze”, “Magic Shop”, “Airplane pt. 2”, “Anpanman”, “So What”, and “Outro: Tear”.

BTS made their previous comeback last September, with their fifth mini album “Love Yourself: Her”. In the music video for the lead single “DNA”, BTS connect their new moves across multiple dance sets set up just like a genome. In the video for “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”, BTS light up the studio and the street with their powerful choreography, while DJ Steve Aoki amps up the atmosphere with his beats.

Watch BTS’ new music video for “Fake Love” now:

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