BTS Show the World What They’ve Got in Their “DNA” in New Music Video

Posted on September 20 2017

BTS Show the World What They’ve Got in Their “DNA” in New Music Video


BTS are back! On September 18, BTS unveiled their new music video for “DNA”, the lead single of their fifth mini album “Love Yourself: Her”. BTS broke another record with this week’s comeback: BTS’ latest music video “DNA” achieved close to 21 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “DNA” opens up with an outer space trip seen from the eyes of BTS. After a slick whistling and acoustic guitar intro, BTS roll out their most powerful choreography yet. BTS drop their smooth dance moves across more than a dozen sets without a hitch, while DNA maps and sequences occasionally pop in to compliment the song’s message and lyrics.

DNA” is an electro-pop and EDM single, retelling how BTS felt the love for their special someone, deep in their DNA from the very beginning.. BTS’ fifth mini album, “Love Yourself: Her”, features a total of nine tracks: “Intro: Serendipity”, lead single “DNA”, “Best of Me”, “Dimple”, “Pied Piper”, “Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech”, “MIC Drop”, “Go Go”, and “Outro: Her”. The physical album includes the two additional tracks “Skit: Hesitation and Fear” and “Sea”.

BTS made their previous comeback last February with their second studio album repackage, titled “You Never Walk Alone”. BTS returned with two singles: “Spring Day”, dedicated to those who have passed away, and “Not Today”, a song with a message encouraging everyone to never give up, not today, not tomorrow.

Watch BTS’ new music video for “DNA” now:

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