BTS Release “Boy Meets Evil” Comeback Trailer for Second Album “Wings”

Posted on September 26 2016

BTS Release “Boy Meets Evil” Comeback Trailer for Second Album “Wings”

Top boy group BTS are coming back very soon. Today on September 26, BTS released a new comeback trailer video, titled “Boy Meets Evil”, for their upcoming comeback. BTS will be releasing their second Korean album “Wings” next month on October 10, and will be made available for pre-order this week on September 28.

J-Hope is the star of BTS’ new teaser video – he lets loose and unleashes all his passion and energy, as he dances with intensity in an empty, dimly-lit room. J-Hope has described BTS’ latest comeback trailer as both his own and the album’s “intro”.

Previously, BTS released numbered short films for each of their seven members: “Begin” starring Jungkook, “Lie” with Jimin, “Stigma” by V, Suga’s “First Love”, Rap Monster’s own “First Love”, “Mama” by J-Hope, and “Awake” from Jin.

BTS’ previous comeback was in April and May earlier this year – with the release of their first Korean compilation album, titled “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever”. BTS released a total of three music videos for this album alone: “Epilogue: Young Forever” on April 19, “Fire” on May 2, and “Save Me” on May 15.

Check out BTS’ comeback trailer for “Wings” now: 

Also, check out the short films that BTS released for each member:

BTS “Wings” Short Film #1 BEGIN (Jungkook)


BTS “Wings” Short Film #2 LIE (Jimin)


BTS “Wings” Short Film #3 STIGMA (V)


BTS “Wings” Short Film #4 FIRST LOVE (Suga)

BTS “Wings” Short Film #5 REFLECTION (Rap Monster)


BTS “Wings” Short Film #6 MAMA (J-Hope)


BTS “Wings” Short Film #7 AWAKE (Jin)


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