BTOB Don't Hold Back the Tears From "Missing You" in New Music Video

Posted on October 20 2017

BTOB Don't Hold Back the Tears From "Missing You" in New Music Video

btob missing you

BTOB are back! On October 16, BTOB revealed their new music video for “Missing You”, the lead single of their second studio album “Brother Act”. In the video, BTOB sing deeply about missing a past lover, coming to a pause every now and then as the memories come flooding back.

The music video for “Missing You” starts off with BTOB playing a number on the piano. While they’re going somewhere, BTOB suddenly see the image of their former lover appear next to them. BTOB break down as they remember the moments during a walk, drive, and soon all over the place, singing and calling out to their loved one.

BTOB’s new single “Missing You” is a ballad featuring emotional vocals and a steady melody. BTOB’s second album “Brother Act” includes a total of 12 songs: “Prelude: A Day“, lead single “Missing You”, “My Lady”, “Red Lie”, “Blowin’ Up”, “Interlude: Brother Act.”, “Nanana”, “Dreaming”, “Guitar (Stroke of Love)”, “Running into Breakup”, “Fly Away”, and “Finale: Our Concert”. The physical CD version of the album includes one bonus track titled “Whisper”.

BTOB made their last comeback back in March, with their tenth mini album “Feel’eM”. In the music video for the album’s lead single “Movie”, BTOB turn into movie stars and re-enact scenes from a wide variety of popular films, taking turns as they watch each other star in their own mini-movie through a retro small television screen.

Watch BTOB’s new music video for “Missing You” now:

Listen to the songs on BTOB’s new album “Brother Act”:

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