Block B Star in Their Own Mini Sit-Com in “Yesterday” Music Video

Posted on February 20 2017

Block B Star in Their Own Mini Sit-Com in “Yesterday” Music Video


Block B are back! On February 5, Block B revealed the music video for their new single “Yesterday”. Block B play as a crew of seven friends just like in sit-com TV shows, and they’re all busy chasing after the same girl – in between hanging out and having fun together, doing all sorts of wacky and crazy stuff.

In the “Yesterday” music video, Block B all live together in the same house. The seven members are all focused on what they’re doing, then huddle together as they start texting with the girl of their dreams. Block B follow her all over town – from spying on her talking to another guy, to watching her as she does her groceries, and more.

Block B show their new choreography in between the funny scenes of the very story-focused music video. Block B show their lighter and more relaxed side in “Yesterday”, even in the song itself – with its smoother rapping and more upbeat singing. This is another refreshing comeback from Block B, a continuation of the fun and easygoing direction they’ve taken last year with “Toy”.

“Yesterday” quickly rose to the top of several online music charts in Korea – Naver Music, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Genie, and others. Park Kyung wrote both the lyrics and composition for “Yesterday”. It’s been a year since Block B’s previous comeback with “Blooming Period”, the mini album that includes the deeper track “A Few Years Later” and the happier song “Toy”.

Check out Block B’s “Yesterday” music video now:

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