BIGBANG Finally Release “MADE” Album, Plus Music Videos for “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance”

Posted on December 16 2016

BIGBANG Finally Release “MADE” Album, Plus Music Videos for “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance”


BIGBANG’s back! On December 12, BIGBANG finally released their third full album “MADE” that fans have been waiting for eight years. BIGBANG’s second album “Remember” came out way back in November 2008. BIGBANG also released the final two music videos from their Made series. In the video for “Fxxk It”, the BIGBANG members have fun all over Seoul. In “Last Dance”, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri each sing, standing alone, about the special someone that they loved.

In BIGBANG’s new music video for “Fxxk It”, the five members wake up in a colorful room, playing around, before going off to roam the streets and markets of Seoul. They stop for a thrilling dance break in a wide open-air spot, and then continue all the way to a lit dance club – where they go all out as they dance with other partygoers. In “Last Dance”, each member stands alone with their own special scenery – as they sing about the memories and moments they shared with the special someone they loved. A girl in a white dress appears in the place where G-Dragon is alone, and the two hug for a short while before she leaves. BIGBANG then rejoin each other toward the end.

BIGBANG’s “Fxkk It” is a thrilling hip-hop track, while “Last Dance” is a deeply moving R&B song. BIGBANG’s full “MADE” album includes all of their previously released “MADE” singles - “Loser” and “Bae Bae” from “M”, “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party” from “A”,  “If You” and “Sober” from “D”, “Zutter” by GD&TOP and “Let’s Not Fall in Love” from “E” - along with three new songs: the final two lead singles “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance”, and a new album track “Girlfriend”.

Starting in May 2015 up to August 2015, BIGBANG made their comeback as a full group in Korea, and released the eight singles from their Made series - “Loser”, “Bae Bae”, “Bang Bang Bang”, “We Like 2 Party”, “If You”, “Sober”, “Zutter”, and “Let’s Not Fall in Love” - and music videos for all songs, with the exception of “If You”. BIGBANG released a two-hour documentary film, “BIGBANG MADE”, last June – about their 2015/2016 “MADE” World Tour. The movie goes up close and personal, sharing BIGBANG’s experiences as they tour and perform in 32 cities in 13 countries. BIGBANG also celebrated their 10th anniversary last August, at their concert in Seoul.

Check out the final two music videos of BIGBANG’s MADE series now:

Fxxk It

Last Dance

Relieve BIGBANG’s entire MADE series:


Bae Bae

Bang Bang Bang

We Like 2 Party


Let’s Not Fall in Love


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