BIG BANG Set to Release 10th Anniversary Album Next Week

Posted on October 06 2016

BIG BANG Set to Release 10th Anniversary Album Next Week



Veteran boy group BIG BANG are releasing a very special album soon. Today on October 6, BIGBANG announced on their official Facebook account that their 10th anniversary album – titled “BIGBANG10 The Vinyl LP: Limited Edition” - will be released next week on October 13.

BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary album will be exclusively offered on October 13 at the S-Factory, in Seoul’s Seongdong District. The album will come with several bonuses – including visual art posters designed by the BIG BANG members themselves; archive books about BIG BANG’s music, image, and more; and many other goodies. BIG BANG previously opened an exhibit – called “BIGBANG10 The Exhibition: ‘A to Z’” - at the same venue.

The 10th anniversary album features many of BIG BANG’s hit songs from the past 10 years, for a total of 12 chart-topping BIG BANG tracks: debut track “La La La”, “VIP”, “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Tonight”, “Love Song”, “Fantastic Baby”, “Bad Boy”, “Monster”, “Loser”, and “Bang Bang Bang”.

BIG BANG previously celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of their movie, “BIGBANG10 The Movie - ‘BIGBANG MADE’”, which came out last July. BIG BANG also held their 10th anniversary concert – “BIG BANG 10th Anniversary Stadium Live 2016 in Japan", in Osaka’s Nagai Stadium last July 30, for Japanese fans. BIG BANG held another 10th anniversary concert – “BIGBANG10 The Concert 0.TO.10” - last August 20 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, this time for Korean fans.

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