Bastarz from Block B Make First Ever Comeback with “Make It Rain” MV

Posted on November 01 2016

Bastarz from Block B Make First Ever Comeback with “Make It Rain” MV


It’s Bastarz’ turn for a comeback! On October 31, Block B sub-unit Bastarz released their music video for “Make It Rain” - for their first ever comeback, since their debut with “Zero for Conduct” last year in April 2015. Bastarz also dropped a music video for their pre-release track “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”, last week on October 24.
Bastarz – formed by Block B members B-Bomb, P.O., and U-Kwon – go back to Block B’s signature sound in “Make It Rain”, which features really intense and hard-hitting rapping. The difference really stands out when compared to “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”, where Bastarz experiment with a lighter, more upbeat sound.
Both songs are included on “Welcome 2 Bastarz”, Bastarz’ second mini album. The lead song “Make It Rain” was composed by solo artist Dean, with P.O. contributing to the writing of the lyrics. The mini album includes a total of five songs, the other three being “That’s Right”, “Tightly”, and “Find the Hidden Picture”.
Bastarz’ comeback this week, with a main song and a pre-release track, resembles Block B’s previous comeback as a full group. On April 11, Block B released their mini album “Blooming Period” - along with the music video for “Toy”. Prior to that, Block B dropped a pre-release track, titled “A Few Years Later”, on March 28.
Watch Block B Bastarz’ new video for “Make It Rain” now:

Also, check out the music video for “Selfish & Beautiful Girl” that Bastarz released last week:

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