B1A4 Get Into an Up and Down Relationship in “A Lie” Music Video

Posted on 29 November 2016


B1A4 are finally back! On November 28, B1A4 revealed their new music video for “A Lie”. The music video of “A Lie” shows the B1A4 members get into a romantic relationship that makes them and their girl truly happy, but comes to a sad end later on. The song is the lead single of their third full-length album “Good Timing”, which also came out on the same day.

In the music video for “A Lie”, B1A4 hang out in a beautiful grassy spot just next to the sea, complete with a beach and the forest, and later also stop by a nearby house. The members of B1A4 soon start chilling and having fun with the lead actress of the music video, the model Kim Narae, experiencing happy times with her and later heartbreaking moments as she leaves them one by one.

B1A4’s new catchy hit “A Lie” is a dance song, produced by none other than Jinyoung. The choreography is not shown in the music video itself, meaning that fans and viewers will discover B1A4’s latest dance moves on the live stage of the music shows coming up soon this week. B1A4 sing about the break-up of a relationship in “A Lie”, along with all the regrets that one would feel in the end.

B1A4’s comeback this week ends their absence from the weekly music show stage that lasted almost a year. B1A4 made their previous comeback in August 2015 with their song “Sweet Girl”, from their sixth mini album sharing the same name. B1A4 also joined last year’s Christmas single craze, releasing “It’s Christmas” in December 2015 – their very own song for the holiday season.

Check out B1A4’s music video for “A Lie” now:

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