B.A.P Release Epic “Skydive” Music Video for “Noir” Comeback

Posted on 10 November 2016


B.A.P – best, absolute, perfect – are back! On November 7, B.A.P released their dramatic and film-like music video for “Skydive”, for their milestone second full-length album “Noir”. The album includes a total of 13 new songs, just like their first ever album “First Sensibility” from back in February 2014. The song brings B.A.P closer to their roots, exemplified by their earliest concepts - “Skydive” reflects the powerful, hard-hitting vocals and rapping that have come to form B.A.P’s well-known signature sound.

B.A.P’s new music video for “Skydive” is a stunning 10-minute long thriller, keeping you on your toes from start to finish. Chock-full of intense action, the crime-themed video features the six members of B.A.P show off both their acting and dancing skills. B.A.P are dressed like gangsters throughout, as the video alternates between many very tragic, emotional scenes – including one where the members square each other off in a gunfight – and the members’ expert performance of the song’s choreography.

Bang Yongguk will not be joining his fellow members for their group promotions this time around. The leader of B.A.P has been reported to be experiencing problems with his health, being recently diagnosed with a panic disorder. Still, he’s played a very important part of B.A.P’s latest comeback – he’s listed as a producer in the album credits, and took charge in writing the lyrics for, and composing and arranging, the music to 10 of the 13 songs on “Noir”.

B.A.P have taken an interesting and refreshing break from their darker and more intense concepts earlier this year, prior to their latest comeback this week. B.A.P decided to take a detour as they took on a more light-hearted theme last February, with their music video for “Feel So Good” - off their “Carnival” mini album. More recently, B.A.P’s music video for “That’s My Jam” -.from their single “Put ‘Em Up” - showed their more fun and playful side.

Check out B.A.P’s music video for “Skydive” now:

Have a listen of B.A.P’s fresh songs on their new album “Noir”:

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