B.A.P Raise Their “Hands Up” Towards the Sky in New Music Video

Posted on December 14 2017

B.A.P Raise Their “Hands Up” Towards the Sky in New Music Video


B.A.P are back! On December 13, B.A.P unveiled their new music video for “Hands Up”, the lead single of the group’s eighth single album “Ego”. In the video, B.A.P  go to a quieter side of town to make some noise and put their hands in the air. B.A.P’s new “Hands Up” music video got a combined total of more than 694,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Hands Up” begins with B.A.P in town, in position and ready to rock with a full crew of backup dancers. B.A.P start off with raising their hands up, and proceed with their intense new choreography and solo dance moves. B.A.P switch it up to the road and on top of the bus, while sending an encouraging and inspiring message to lift your head up high and put your hands up towards your dreams.

B.A.P are bringing back their signature powerful hip-hop sound with their new single “Hands Up”, blending in electronic and trap beats and synths for even more impact. B.A.P’s eighth single album “Ego” includes three new songs: lead single “Hands Up”, “Moondance”, and “Think Hole”.

B.A.P’s previous comeback happened last September, with their seventh single album “Blue”. In the music video for the lead single “Honeymoon”, B.A.P go on a trip together to a paradise-like place in the middle of nature. B.A.P start off solo in their own zone and reunite later on, wrapping up the long day with a walk and some drinks.

Check out B.A.P’s new music video for “Hands Up” now:

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