B.A.P Find Themselves on a Trip That Feels Like a “Honeymoon” in New Music Video

Posted on September 09 2017

B.A.P Find Themselves on a Trip That Feels Like a “Honeymoon” in New Music Video


B.A.P are back! On September 5, B.A.P unveiled their new music video for “Honeymoon”, the title track of their new single album “Blue”. In the video, B.A.P explore the scenic landscapes of a paradise destination together, after starting off solo, and compare their travels there to something like a honeymoon.

The “Honeymoon” music video opens up with the six members of B.A.P each in their own zone. B.A.P smoothly transition to each of the member’s solo parts, switching from singing on the rocks, calling out to the sea from the beach, rapping in the woods, and more. B.A.P later rejoin and walk through the wide open fields till dusk. When night arrives, B.A.P gather together at a long table and pour themselves some drinks.

B.A.P’s new single “Honeymoon” is a catchy pop song complimented by whistling tunes, guitar riffs, and lyrics sharing an inspiring message to always persevere no matter how hard things get. Other songs on B.A.P’s seventh single album “Blue” include “All the Way Up”, a house-meets-synths track, and “Rewind”, a passionate ballad.

B.A.P’s previous comeback happened last March with “Wake Me Up”, from their sixth single album “Rose”. In the video, B.A.P sing together in a room, while the other residents in the same house barely manage to hang on and try to stay awake. The residents later gather outside, awakened, as B.A.P take a moment to smell the roses.

Check out B.A.P’s new music video for “Honeymoon” now:

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