A Pink Feel Like Just Saying “I’m So Sick” in New Music Video

Posted on July 15 2018

A Pink Feel Like Just Saying “I’m So Sick” in New Music Video


A Pink are back! On July 2, A Pink revealed their new music video for “I’m so sick”, the lead single of their seventh mini album “One & Six”. In the video, A Pink come clean with what they’re really feeling after the end of a romantic relationship. A Pink achieved more than 3.6 million views on YouTube with their new video for “I’m so sick” in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “I’m so sick” starts off with A Pink picking up the phone, before putting it back down and declaring that they’re sick of it all, now that they’ve broken up with their former lover. A Pink don’t feel like eating or drinking, as they lay back around the house, saying bye-bye to their past love. A Pink meet up to have some food together, where they’re finally convinced that their ex-lover’s feelings for them weren’t for real after all.

A Pink’s new single “I’m so sick” is a dance track that blends in beats from the tropical and house genres, a departure from the group’s earlier bubblegum pop sound. A Pink’s seventh mini album “One & Six” features six new songs: lead single “I’m so sick”, “Alright”, “Don’t Be Silly”, “Forever Star”, “Promise Me”, and “I Like That Kiss”.

A Pink made their previous comeback in June 2017, with their sixth mini album “Pink Up”. In the music video for the lead single “Five”, A Pink take a break from their busy schedules and invite their special someone to come along and wind down with them.  A Pink relax at home, bake sweet treats and have some tea, go on a picnic together in their backyard, and have fun while dancing to the tune of counting from one to five.

Watch A Pink’s new music video for “I’m so sick” now:

Listen to the songs on A Pink’s new album “One & Six”, too:

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