A Pink Celebrate This Holiday Season in “Cause You’re My Star” Music Video

Posted on December 21 2016

A Pink Celebrate This Holiday Season in “Cause You’re My Star” Music Video

APink - Cause You’re My Star

A Pink are back for the holidays! On December 15, A Pink revealed their music video for “Cause You’re My Star”, where they have fun in between decorating the house for Christmas and dancing together. The song is the lead single of A Pink’s new special album “Dear”, and is reportedly a song dedicated to the Pink Pandas – A Pink’s official fandom – about how the members think of their fans as their stars, and how they hope to continue to stay together for a long time.

In the “Cause You’re My Star” music video, A Pink spend some time alone at first, doing things like playing with the camera, sipping tea, and eating cake. The members then get together to set up the Christmas tree and put up Christmas decorations, and later playfully start a pillow fight. A Pink also dance in one set surrounded by white curtains, and in another set, inside a room with a chandelier

A Pink’s new special album “Dear” unveils several brand new songs for the season, together with new versions of their previous hit songs. The album features a total of twelve songs, including “Dear (Whisper)”, lead single “Cause You’re My Star”, “Miss U”, Chorong and Naeun’s duet “Common Thing”, Bomi and Namjoo’s “Forgotten Pieces”, Eunji and Hayoung’s duet “That Spring, This Autumn”, “NoNoNo (Ballad ver.)”, “Only One (R&B ver.)”, “LUV (Ballad ver.)”, and instrumentals for “Mr. Chu”, “Love Like a Fairytale”, and “April 19th”.

Last September, A Pink made their long-awaited comeback in Korea with their third full album “Pink Revolution” - after more than a year away from the music show stage. A Pink promoted their new nine-track full album with the lead single “Only One”, produced by the popular composer team Black Eyed Pilseung.

Check out A Pink’s new music video for “Cause You’re My Star” now:

Have a listen of the songs on A Pink’s special album “Dear”:

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